Fabian Schumann

An expert in the future of work field, Fabian is Head of Business Development at  jovoto and project lead of ForeWork – an initiative by jovoto, adidas, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, Volkswagen, and Vitra. Fabian joined jovoto in 2016 after four years with iversity, one of Europe’s leading online education start-ups. As the Head of Academic Partnerships, he developed iversity’s “Digital Transformation” curriculum, focusing on how new technologies are changing the business environment and how organizations and leaders can adapt to this rapid pace of change. In addition to his experiences at iversity and in the Berlin startup world, his degrees in Economics and Political Economy of European Integration have given Fabian the background knowledge to put current trends into the larger picture of labour systems and global economic developments.

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Eine Expedition in die Zukunft der Arbeit

Die Diskussion zur Zukunft der Arbeit verlangt nach neuen Impulsen. Hier setzt ForeWork an, ein Initiative von jovoto in Kooperation mit der adidas Group, Cisco Systems, der Deutschen Telekom, Vitra und der Volkswagen AG. ForeWork nutzt eine Open Innovation-Methode genannt Crowdstorming, entwickelt von jovoto,  um neue Inspiration für eine bessere Arbeitswelt der Zukunft zu bieten. […]